Managing the lifecycle of a company’s assets is an important ongoing effort for any business.

Asset management can be a very arduous process.  It takes a great deal of commitment from an organization to track the asset from initial acquisition, through its useful life, to disposal.  

An Asset Management Assessment of the current state is recommended to establish the organizations past  practices for purchasing, asset tracking physically and financially, as well as through disposal.  RSI will identify who the Assessment participants should be based on feedback from your leadership.

The assessment will look at the current state for the following:

  • Inventory of physical assets
  • Inventory program for existing furniture and equipment
  • Inventory program for new furniture and equipment
  • Information for:
    • Management
    • Accounting
    • Design
    • Maintenance
    • Disaster recovery
  • Database Design
    • Current and available technology
  • Tracking assets from procurement through disposal
    • Deployment
    • Reuse
    • Disposal
    • Reporting

RSI will compile the Assessment data and present it to your team with recommendations.

To compliment our Asset Management Services,  RSI offers Electronic Move, Add, or Change (EMAC) requests.  An EMAC program is a long term solution that helps an organization manage their assets in conjunction with their day-to-day operational needs by exercising economies of scale to lower costs and increase quality of service.

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