I find such great joy and gratitude in being a part of a project team and helping make the project a success.
— Sheila Pesarchick, President
To become true partners with our clients is becoming a part of their family. It’s a tremendous privilege.
— Jim Pesarchick, Vice President RSI Commerical

Sheila Pesarchick founded the organization and has spearheaded its growth since 1990.  Sheila’s high energy, organized, and detailed personality ensure the day-to-day operations of the company run smoothly.  Her determination and “never say never” attitude are the forefront of our business.  Her own personal expectations are always higher than what’s expected of her.  As Project Executive and Sr. Project Manager in the field, Sheila guides clients through plan development, implementation, and execution.

Jim Pesarchick focuses on the organization's operational development and management.  This focus allows our company to be the innovator of the industry and stay on the cutting edge of success.  Jim’s attitude of positivity demonstrates perseverance through any challenge a project sees.  He leads our team of professionals by setting an example of intelligence, integrity, and industry expertise.  Jim strives to prove success under any circumstance.

Made up of experts

The team at RSI is made up of experts.  Our professionals have a combined 100+ years of experience managing the complexities that challenge an organization during a transitional period.  Our backgrounds consist of:

  • Business & Project Management

  • Corporate Communications

  • Records Management

  • Training & Coaching

  • Transportation Logistics

  • Data Analysis

  • Procurement

  • Documentation

These competencies make us uniquely euipped to handle any project requirements.  We always exceed expectations while managing change.