Company Background


Relocation Specialists, Inc. (RSI) is a transition planning and relocation management firm founded by Sheila Pesarchick in 1990.  While working in the relocation and logistics industry, Sheila witnessed the internal struggles companies endured during a period of transition.  In the late 80s, there were no solutions for the problems facing a business in this situation.  With an educational background in Transportation Logistics, Sheila found herself uniquely qualified to provide the solution the industry called for.

Jim Pesarchick joined the company in 1993. With a transportation background, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and many years of experience, Jim was a perfect fit for the organization's business management and strategic planning.  Jim's particular skill set was the best compliment to Sheila's vision.  Together, they established core processes that would ensure a seamless transition for any organization; whether the business is constructing a new building, undergoing renovations, preparing for an expansion, or moving to a new location. Today Jim is Vice President of a newly formed division called RSI Commercial. Jim expects to expand this market locally and regionally.


RSI has flourished from managing specialty projects into the universal solution provider it is today based solely on client referrals.  Over 300+ organizations have come back to RSI for assistance on multiple occasions in the last 28 years.  To date, we’ve successfully managed several thousand projects and more than $1 billion in assets.

We now focus on niche industries like:

  • Corporate

  • Healthcare

  • Institutional/Government

  • Strategic Partners