RSI takes a collaborative role in each project.  We're responsive to your organization's specific requirements.  Your RSI management team will coordinate with your internal project team to implement necessary changes and gear up for "Go Live" - all while saving you time and money.  You can conduct business as usual, while we work behind the scenes to manage your transition.  


Each industry has it's own complex issues to be resolved in the midst of a transition.  Healthcare providers have a unique challenge in managing patient care around any expansion, renovation, or relocation.  RSI's distinct specialty solutions for healthcare institutions have been fine-tuned over a quarter century.  Patient care is the number one priority of our healthcare clients and our main focus during any healthcare transition.  We manage change so your department, facility, and organization can remain operational.  RSI serves all the major healthcare systems in Northeast Ohio and have expanded our footprint to reach a nationwide client base over the last decade.