Phasing Out a Facility or Space is usually hard work - but the process can be simplified.

Decommissioning a facility can be a lengthy and costly part of any project.  RSI can minimize and manage your expenses by maximizing planning efficiency.  We conduct a unique in-depth assessment of all existing inventory and determine the disposition of remaining assets.  A customized decommission plan is created and implemented by RSI, focusing on the specific needs of our customers.  

As part of our process, RSI ensures that all items are accounted for and moved accordingly.  As part of our services, RSI will:

  • Repurpose any existing Furniture Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) within the organization
  • Coordinate storage for later use of any FF&E
  • Sell items for revenue whenever possible
  • Donate items when appropriate
  • Recycle items that cannot be donated or sold
  • Dispose of items that cannot be salvaged

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